2019 1290 SDR/GT Service Reset Procedure

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2019 1290 SDR/GT Service Reset Procedure

Post by Aussie Dave » Mon Apr 13, 2020 12:26 am

Sorry if this has already been published, but I just stumbled onto this confirmed re-set procedure on the KTM forum........

#14 • 1 h ago
Thumper1500 said:
Hey Andy, how did you reset the Service warning on your 2019? I just started getting the warning message and need to reset it as I just did my oil change. I'm searching the forum and what the older bikes did doesn't work on the '19 GT.

This is what I did just a few days ago on my 19 R and it worked perfectly.

Turn on ignition.
Press "kill" switch.
Press "set" twice to get to menus.
Scroll to "settings" menu.
Press "up" and "down" buttons simultaneously until screen shows service interval information.
Press "set" to reset miles to 6,000 (next service date will automatically be extended 12 months).
Press & hold "set" until "settings" menu reappears.
Turn off "kill" switch.
Turn off ignition.
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Confirmed - this works on the '19 GT. I was able to set the miles to 3600 (it goes in increments of 300) and the months to 12. You can set the months to anything you like (up to 12 months I believe). Thanks Andy!
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