Need help: flickering oil pressure light

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Need help: flickering oil pressure light

Post by Mr Orange » Thu May 27, 2021 7:54 pm

Hi all,

After changing my oil and filters (as done many times before) my oil light started flickering on the first run. By flickering I mean pulsating to the engine's RPM. In all honesty I did something stupid in the process, yet I'm not sure if it is in any way related to my problem. The paper towels I use for clogging the throttle body were not completely removed when I fired her up (yikes). I noticed immediately and turned her off, reassembled and removed the paper towel that clogged one intake. Luckily It was held up by the second valve it's shaft, which I left there when removing the butterfly valve itself. However stupid this is (no words how I feel rn), I'm pretty sure I took the towel out in one 1 piece, yet there's no way of actual checking. It's those white thin paper towel that will burn in an instance, for what it's worth. So it's not unthinkable a little piece got ripped off by brute force. The engine runs like a charm. Now I confessed to that stupid and once in a lifetime mistake..:

I did some research and started by replacing the oil sensor itself. No luck.

To establish the symptoms I did a very short test drive, just to get her warm. This is where I'm at right now:

-flickering occurs with engine cold and RPM <2000 (idle). Goes away when throttled up/above 2000RPM.
-It goes away all together when 6 bars of engine temp light up, with exception of:
-when warm and revved high from idle it returns briefly when it goes back to idle.
-i had this flickering twice at random in the 6 months (when waiting at traffic light) so this makes me believe it has nothing to do with my mistake, though it's timing seems unfortunate.

What I've done:
-Checked old oil filter, no wrinkles or other signs of water pump leakage that could cause low pressure
-double checked oil viscosity: 10w50 (been using the same for years)
-checked oil level
-Replaced oil pressure sensor
-When reinstalling the throttle body I calibrated the throttle cables and did a 15 min reset, for what it's worth.

It's not unthinkable something did happen at the intake. I'm kinda lost on where to start looking, or how to diagnose. I did read back on how people replaced the sensor or had an water pump leak, yet none of those seem to be my problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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