Torque limiting mod kit

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Torque limiting mod kit

Post by Loosecheez » Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:52 pm

Anybody tried this kit yet? ... ng-mod-kit

I think I know what it is supposed to address but I thought that rough sound on start up was just a characteristic of the design and not something to worry about. Would this improve the durability/performance of the bike at all? Apparently, a seal comes with the kit. Is this something that a weekend mechanic can do?

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Re: Torque limiting mod kit

Post by milq » Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:40 pm

The below is from, I think this is what the kit you linked to is all about.
Starter Torque Limiter:

Years: 2005.5 - 2006. Torque limiter slips with a loud clacking noise when starter button is pushed. KTM redesigned the entire unit and issued a Tech Bulletin which describes the replacement procedure.

Note: the torque limiter was an update by the factory to fix a problem that was sporadically showing up on 2003 - 2004 bikes and on early works racers. This was reportedly caused by "kick-back" during starting under certain conditions. If the Freewheel starts slipping on the early bikes, the only fix is a new rotor/freewheel assembly PN 60039005100. It is recommended that the cause of the kickback be fixed and the new torque limiter PN 60040016044 be fitted at the same time as the new rotor/flywheel.

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