LIGHT Bulb for Auxilliary lights on SMT

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LIGHT Bulb for Auxilliary lights on SMT

Post by potsy » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:38 pm

Hi folks

I have the OEM aux lights pictured here on my 2012 SMT.

These are the ones integrated directly into the light switch controls on handlebar.

My left one went out (I did try depressing the switch on the back of the unit several times but no luck).
I am guessing/hoping it is the bulb.
I can't find any parts info on what bulb to purchase.

The only (and very expensive) solution is buy another set of lamps/ballast (link below) which i don't want to do. Ideas on what bulb to source for these?


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Re: LIGHT Bulb for Auxilliary lights on SMT

Post by Winterwolf » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:21 pm

Hi potsy... Guess your the same guy I e been talking to about this on the Facebook group

I haven't a tally tried stripping apart the unit completely to see if the bulb will come out... Ha e you?.. You would hope the light would have a serial stamped onto it which we could Google for?

If I get a chance I'll check mine tomorrow as I need to get the water out which has seeped in (new puppy though taking all my time up!)

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