1050 versus 1190

Introduce yourself : 1050, 1190, 1190R or 1290 for starters
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1050 versus 1190

Post by toomanybikes » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:58 pm


interested in opinions on the above.

I'll be riding solo between 20 and 300 miles a day on varying roads throughout the year , little if any motorway work but carrying up to say 50kg of tools and parts in a pair of panniers. (highlands of Scotland )

Been doing so the last few years on a 1200 GSA - but saw the light / went to the darkside recently and bought a SMT and am converted!

I'm no speed merchant but like real grunt between the 40 to 80 for safe overtaking in the limited opportunities that present themselves on our road

Always tempted, in principle by more torque / power but is it academic in real world riding for a man with a young family and a desire to see them at the end of each day / week with an intact license too?

I'd like to be convinced I need the extra on offer by the 1190 but is it really worth the 2-3 k premium ?

I'd be looking to buy nearly new with low miles and as many useful extras

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Re: 1050 versus 1190

Post by the brown streak » Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:40 pm

hi toomany,
cant really argue against the 1190
i bought a 1050 [after a smt] because i got a ex demo for the same price as a 2 year old 1190 so full 2 year warranty [and i like ally wheels].
seeing your family and keeping your licence is in your throttle hand [as im sure you know].
the 1050 is a great bike in its own right especially on small roads.


remember, god loves you..... everybody else thinks your a cxnt!

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